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Mid Sussex has a track record for success with an impressive business growth and survival rate. We offer a supportive environment for all businesses, for those moving into the area, businesses looking to grow & entrepreneurs looking to start up. Everything from recommendations to introductions.
A place for business
A place for business
A place for business
A place for business

Why we're a good fit for your business

As one of the most economically successful areas in the UK, we have an economic activity rate of 85%, (7% higher than the UK average, and 4% higher than the South East)
We are a growth area for business start-ups, with a higher proportion of the resident population setting up new businesses in Mid Sussex than elsewhere across the UK (101 start-ups per 10,000 working age residents compared to UK average of 92). The five-year business survival rate in Mid Sussex (49%) exceeds that of the UK average (43 %). In addition, the number of recorded enterprises in Mid Sussex stood at 8,250 in 2018, having increased by 15.% since 2010.
We are an area of entrepreneurs, showing a higher level of self-employment (13.4%), compared to the UK (0.6%), with new micro business start-ups at 90% of new businesses (UK 90%) and a higher resilience to remain operational and maintain trading compared to the national average over a five-year period 49% (UK 43%).
We are regarded as the finance and insurance centre for West Sussex, with a GVA of £414m including insurance, reinsurance and pension funding activities, as well as activities to support financial services.

Many global companies
are based here, including:

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